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Take full advantage of your organization data thanks to BI solutions

La capacité de collecter rapidement et d'analyser avec précision les données générées soit au sein de l'entreprise, soit recueillies à partir de sources externes, peut constituer un avantage concurrentiel distinct.

Les solutions technologiques de Business Intelligence et Data Warehousing fournit par Karallo consulting  s'appuient sur une riche expertise et une approche unique pour fournir une stratégie qui aide les responsables à la prise de décisions.

BI Data warehousing

We offer a full range of data warehousing services to help businesses overcome the challenges of data, its quality and unstructured formats.



Data modeling



Support & Maintenance

Data warehousing

Data Mining


Data Integration & Migration 

Organizations have to migrate data systems to an up to date platform. 


Karallo helps organizations to do the data migration in secure, fast and efficient manner.


  • A team of experts dedicated to manage your data.

  • We work with solutions such as Microsoft SSIS, Hadoop or Penthao to meet each of your business requirements

Data Visualization

Give your team the power to interact with data the way they want, when they want.


Karallo provides self-sustaining BI services that help companies speed up their research time by creating interactive and visual reports using performant tools (ie: Tableau)



  • Consultation of Dashboards

  • Reports and Dashboards personalized according to your business needs

  • Performance analysis

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