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By partnering with Karallo as a technology partner, you ensure that your IT systems are secure. Karallo offers you optimal performance and guarantees the continuity of your business operations

Cyber Security

  • A proactive security strategy.

  • Comprehensive protection against hackers and cybercriminals.

  • Prevention against data corruption and data loss.

  • Automation of the management of updates and security patches from a central console.


IT system management

  • Deployment of Windows / Linux servers

  • Data backup / restore

  • Software maintenance of servers, desktop and computers.

  • Migration of servers and workstations without interrupting users activities.

  • Management of hardware, software and user profiles.


  • Automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks

  • Efficient use of IT workforce

  • Improved reliability and efficiency

  • Time saving

  • Cost reducing

  • Increase your revenue

information technology audit.jpg

Audit and Inventory

  • IT Infrastructure Audit (Network, Servers, Software, Active Directory, Mail, Internet Connections, File Management, Backup)

  • IT environment audit

  • Material inventory

  • Software inventory

  • Dashboards


  • Monitoring of entire system

  • Network bandwidth usage monitoring

  • System supervision (processors, memory, storage, etc.)

  • Remote user support

  • Support in the background of systems that do not comply with the security policy 

  • Alerts and notifications


Solutions for customer experience management

  • Advanced CX management solution 

  • Connect multiple supported channels (web, mail, chat, social media, etc)

  • Immediate remote support

  • Help companies to provide best customer experience

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