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Business Intelligence

The ability to quickly collect and accurately analyze the data generated either within the enterprise or gathered from external sources, can be a distinct competitive advantage.

Karallo’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing practice leverages our rich expertise approach to provide an integrated business intelligence strategy that aids in data-based decision making to drive business and discover hidden trends while addressing the need of information users at every level.

Data Warehousing

Data Integration & Migration

Data Visualisation

Our BIDW practice offers a comprehensive suite of data warehousing services to help enterprises overcome the challenges of voluminous data, data quality issues and unstructured data formats.

Enterprises often experience the need to migrate data from a legacy system to a more modern platform.


Karallo helps businesses make a quick, secure and hassle free transition to the new platform migration with no risk of data loss or disruption.

Give your teams the power of interacting with data the way they like it, when they want it.


Karallo delivers self-serviceable business intelligence helping organizations speed up their time to insight by creating interactive and visual reports.


  • Data modelling 

  • ETL

  • Data integration 

  • Support & maintenance

  • Data warehouse development

  • Data Mining


Our experts are well versed with Data Integration tools such as Microsoft SSIS, Hadoop or Penthao to meet each of your business requirements.


  • Consultation de Tableaux de bord

  • Tableaux de bord personnalisés selon les besoins de votre entreprise
  • Analyse de performance
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