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Business Intelligence

An optimal IT service for SMEs, SMIs and GEs

By partnering with Karallo as a technology partner, you ensure that your IT systems are secure. Karallo offers you optimal performance and guarantees the continuity of your business operations

Data warehousing

We offer a full range of data warehousing services to help businesses overcome the challenges of big and often untapped data, its quality and unstructured formats.



Data modeling



Support & Maintenance

Data warehousing

Data Mining

Migration donnees.jpg

Data Integration & Migration

CDeployment of Windows / Linux servers

Data backup / restore

Software maintenance of servers, desktop and laptop computers

Migrate Servers and workstations without interrupting users

Management of hardware, software and user profiles


A team of experts versed in the integration of data at your disposal

integration tools like Microsoft SSIS, Hadoop or Penthao to meet each of your business requirements

Data visualization

Give your teams the power to interact with data the way they want, when they want.


Karallo provides self-sustaining BI services that help companies speed up their research time by creating interactive and visual reports using Tables.



Consultation of Dashboards

Personalized dashboards according to your business needs

Performance analysis

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